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Just What the Captain Ordered

Just What the Captain Ordered

Summer is in full swing and as the temperature rises so does the need for an ice cold summer cocktail.

There is nothing quite like sitting at a tiki bar overlooking the ocean with a perfectly made margarita, until now.

Although nothing will ever replace tequila for this summer pastime, I suggest trying something different to change it up a bit next time you are at your favorite watering hole or vacation spot.

Substitute tequila for Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum, whether you make your margarita’s from scratch or from a pre mixed store bought bottle, the Captain will give this refreshing summer libation an energizing change that you won’t soon forget.

Typically, a margarita with tequila will have a bit of a bite but with the change to Captain Morgan’s that bite becomes a soft smooth taste that resembles that of a creamsicle. If you grew up enjoying creamsicles in the summer I encourage you to give this drink a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Over the past few weeks I ordered this drink at 3 different bars, to my surprise none of the bartenders ever heard of it. Once I assured them that yes, I said a Captain Morgan’s margarita, they had to try it. To their surprise, they loved it. Based on that overwhelming feedback I wanted to make sure to share it so that everyone else would have the chance to try it, if they haven’t already.

Below is a recipe to a classic margarita (with Captain instead of tequila). Give it a try and be sure to share with your friends.

Captain Morgan’s Margarita

  • 2 oz Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
  • 1 oz lime juice
  • 1 oz triple sec
  • 1 lime slice

Fill shaker with ice and add ingredients. Shake for a few seconds and serve over ice. Add lime slice.

If you wish to add coarse salt to the rim, before filling glass, rub the lime around the edge and place rim of glass in salt.

If you would rather a quick frozen Captain margarita;

Fill blender with ice. Add Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum and top off with Mr. & Mrs.  T’s Margarita mix and blend.

The only thing that can make this drink taste better is if you enjoy it wearing one of our Tee’s, so click here to order. Next, go get your ingredients and sit back and soak up every ounce of what this summer has to offer because it will be gone before you know it.

Oh yeah, drink responsibly,


Your friends at Always Sandy Apparel

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A Good Day at the Beach

A Good Day at the Beach

Let’s get (a little) sandy!


As the summer kicks into high gear we’ll all start spending more and more time at the beach. Although this is great news, a day at the beach can get a little frustrating at times especially if you plan on going with small children. Whether your plans includes kids or not, below are some good tips to keep in mind before heading out so your day can be as good as you imagined it would be.

  1. Pack talcum powder (baby powder)

We all love the feel of warm sand between our toes but the feel of warm sand in other places on our body isn’t so pleasant. Pack a small travel size of talcum powder on your next beach trip. Apply to areas of the skin where sand is stuck and rub gently. The powder will absorb the moisture and the sand will easily fall off.

  1. Pack petroleum jelly

Another great item to pack or to apply prior to leaving is petroleum jelly. Apply a liberal amount to the inner thighs or under arms, prior to getting wet for a care free day. When salt water dries it leaves behind a layer of, you guessed it, salt. That salt acts as sandpaper between your legs or under your arms creating a rash also known as chafing. Once the damage is done it’s too late so don’t forget!

  1. Leave the jellyfish alone

Jellyfish are a very interesting sea creature, some are beautiful to look at others are just a blob of “jelly”, either way stay clear of them. Some jellyfish are poisonous and some are harmless. Some will sting you and some will kill you (although rare). To err on the side of caution take the high road and don’t play with them like a can of Silly Putty. Some remedies for a jellyfish sting include rinsing the wound with vinegar or baking soda paste, a cold compress or applying anti-itch medicine. Typically the pain will subside within a few hours. If the pain doesn’t seem to be getting any better seek medical attention.

  1. Sun protection

Here at Always Sandy Apparel we could go on for days about sun protection but we’ll keep it short and sweet. Protective clothing; It’s always good to wear a hat and sunglasses but a swim shirt (Available soon at Always Sandy Apparel), also known as a rash guard or UV shirt is a great idea. These shirts come in short and long sleeves and protect you from a rash if you are surfing or body boarding, but also from the sun’s harmful UV rays. These shirts are made primarily of spandex, polyester and nylon so you can go in the water with them and they will dry extremely fast once you leave the water. Sunscreen: Applying a generous amount of sunscreen prior to leaving for the beach will give it enough time to dry and penetrate the skin which will allow it to its job of keeping you safe. Reapplying every couple of hours is a good idea. Lip balm with sun protection is also a necessity for a day at the beach.

Have something to add? comment below with your best tips and tricks for a great day at the beach.


The Always Sandy Team

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